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home Surendra Mohan(85 batch) IAS has posted as Secretary to Governor of Telangana

Surendra Mohan(85 batch) IAS has posted as Secretary to Governor of Telangana

by Site Admin - 11 months ago 1423

Surendra Mohan(85 batch) IAS has been promoted and appointed as Secretary to Governor of Telangana. He was working as first collector of Suryapet, newly formed district of Telanagana. During his two-and-a-half year tenure as the district Collector, Surendra Mohan worked innovatively in improving the quality of health services in the government-run primary health centres (PHCs) and facilities for students in social welfare hostels.

Surendra Mohan was also selected for Telangana Excellence (TEX) Awards-2017 for effective implementation of Haritha Haram programme. Every Friday was declared as ‘Green Day’ by him making officials and elected representatives participate in plantation programmes.

His initiatives in integrated grievance system ‘Janhita’ facilitated people to send their grievances via e-mail, WhatsApp or phone that also received widespread appreciation. He also succeeded in transforming 25 Anganwadi centres into corporate playschools with state-of-the-art infrastructure. In May, 2017, Governor ESL Narsimhan visited Model primary health centres at Penphad in the district and appreciated Surendra Mohan for his initiatives.


Surendra Mohan did his B.Tech. in Computer Science from REC, Warangal (now NIT Warangal) and joined IIT Delhi for M.Tech. Even though he was selected to Indian Forest Service, he chose to join the State Administrative Service as Group-I Officer. Prior to appointment to IAS cadre, Surendra Mohan also worked as an IT Head in an investment bank in the US for five years on a sabbatical. 


Governor E.S.L. Narasimhan, officers and staff members of Raj Bhavan welcomed Surendra Mohan into the Raj Bhavan family and wished him all success in his current assignment.

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