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home Sarvalians in 2nd International science festival

Sarvalians in 2nd International science festival

by Admin - 1 year ago 576

The 2nd International science festival being held in Delhi from 7-11 December 2016. The series of India International Science Festival (IISF) is an integral part of India’s long term vision in developing and widening the spectrum of scientific temper in India and abroad. To display India's contribution in the field of S&T and to motivate the young scientists to find solutions to the burning issues of our society; the 2nd National Science Festival being held in Physical Laboratory in New Delhi.

Our Sarvailian Mr. Sreeram Sharma (1990) is the key member organizing this event from VIBHA. Mr. Vinod Eleti (1980)is representing Australians delegates and taking part of this event.

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