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home Sarvailians helping Late Dr. Paparao's family

Sarvailians helping Late Dr. Paparao's family

Help Sarvailians
by Site Admin - 1 year ago 1434

Sarvailians have once again proved generosity in helping their fellow sarvailian's familiy at difficult times.

Mr. Pavan Kumar(Papa rao) of 1996 batch has passed away with heart attack on 29th April 2019. He was working as a Physiotherapist as a profession.  His wife and 4-year-old baby boy was in difficult situation for running the family.

Mr. Krishanaiah who is the batch rep along with other friend took initiative to raise the contribution for their friend’s family. They approached alumni association for the help.

Alumni associations has appealed to all Sarvailian brothers to help the paparao family and actively campaigned in getting the funds. Alumni from all the batches generously responded and contributed to this noble cause.

The amount of Rs. 2.12 lakhs which has been collected by Alumni Association India has been handed over to Paparao family by Alumni president Dr. Narendar in the function attended by education minister Mr, Jagadish reddy, Tungaturthi MLA Gadari Kishore (1996) batch. Gadari Kishore and his batch has thanked association for their active support raising the fund and all the people who has contributed towards this. Apart from this NV.Rao of 83 batch has handed over Rs. Fity Thousand check to Papa Rao's family. Also many of other Sarvailians contributed through cloud funding platforms like Gofundme & Milap.

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