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home Sarvail Residential School Inaugural day - Today is 46th anniversary!

Sarvail Residential School Inaugural day - Today is 46th anniversary!

School News
by Site Admin - 1 year ago 2042

Today is the day inaugural of Sarvail Residential School.. The former Prime Minister of IndiaP.V. Narasimha Rao and the benevolence of Sarvodaya leader, Maddi Narayana Reddy, led to the donation of 44 acres of land for the school gave a birth to the school which gave life to thousands of students. What ever we are today, is because of the the educations and values built in our school.

We congratulate to all Sarvailians on this great occation and remember the great charity done by Late Shri Maddi Narayana Reddy who was generously dontated land to such a noble cause and Shri Late PV Narasimharao who supported !

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