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home Medical Camp , Career Guidance & Library Inauguration at Sarvail

Medical Camp , Career Guidance & Library Inauguration at Sarvail

School News
by Vivekanand Chittempally - 2 years ago 2719

The Alumni Association of TS Residential School conducted a Medical Camp for students, Career Guidance  for outgoing Class X students as well as Inaugurated the new Library on 15 October 2017.

 The following Doctors from the Alumni Association voluntarily participated in Medical Camp.

 1. Dr. Raghu - 1975 batch

2. Dr. Narendar Reddy - 1979 batch

3. Dr. Vivekvardhan Reddy - 1980 batch

4. Dr. Vijayanand - 1987 batch

5. Dr. Budige Swamy - 1994 batch

6. Dr. U. Yadagiri - 1999 batch

7. Dr. Bhaskar - 1999 batch

8. Dr. Hari Prasad - 2000 batch


Apart from the above Alumni Doctors team, Kamineni Hospital team has come for Dental checkup for the kids, which was organised by Dr. Vivekvardhan Reddy of 1980 batch. 

While Mr. Vittal(Apex Pharma) has been contributing medicine for past 7 years, He has donated Rs. 25000 this year. We also have donations from Sudarshan of 78 batch (Rs. 10, 000) , Yogender 85 batch (Rs. 15, 000) and Narendar Reddy (Rs. 5000)  contributed to medicine this time. 


Career Guidance:

Dr. Vivekvardhan Reddy, M. Rajashekhar Reddy, Dr. Murali as well as Rithvik Ryaka (Son of Devadas Ryaka alumni member) participated in career guidance.


Library Inauguration:


 Alumni has contributed towards commissioning iron grill along veranda of library. By providing that grill lot of space is created in veranda enabling students sit and read the books. Total cost of erecting the iron grill was borne by alumni association. The library was inaugurated by President of Alumni Association along with current Principal KVN Chary garu.

Srinivasa Chary of 1985 batch donated lot of new books, which help in personality development. Apart from that Alumni Association also bought few books and also received donations from M. Rajashekhar Reddy, Dr. Narendar Reddy.

GV Ramana Reddy of 1981 batch contributed racks for keeping the books. He personally took pains to bring the racks to Sarvail.

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