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home Haritha haram at Sarvail - 2017

Haritha haram at Sarvail - 2017

School Development
by Vivekanand Chittempally - 2 years ago 2265

The Alumni Association of Sarvail School participated in Hartithaharam (tree planting) at Sarvail.

Badri Venugopal procured about 50 plants of Guava (Jama) and Kala Jamoon (Alla neredu). Ramana Reddy of batch 81 helped with all logistics. He personally, drove to Sarvail along with plants.

The executive committee members of Alumni, President, General Secretary, Treasurer and some of executive committee members together planted all the saplings procured.

The School staff headed by Principal Chary sir helped in plantation. The children of class 9 provided lot of help to Alumni members in plantation.

All these activities are completed by lunch time. All alumni members present had a lunch and dispersed


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