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home Facilitation to beloved teachers by Sai Prasad Devineni (1983) batch

Facilitation to beloved teachers by Sai Prasad Devineni (1983) batch

by Site Admin - 3 years ago 3161

Today, on account of Guru Poornima, Sai Prasad Devineni decided to felicitate the teachers who taught 1983 outgoing batch.

This program was organised by Sai Prasad and all his batchmates helped him in this.
Sri Sridhar sir, Sri Chakrapani sir, Sri Ranga Rao sir, Smt. Annapurna madam and Sri Jagannatha Rao sir are among the teachers who were falicated. This event is attended by about 25 members including Alumni Association President, Narendar Reddy, General Secretary, Rajashekhar Reddy, EC Members Ghana Shekhar, Ramana Reddy as well as Treasurer, Vivekanand who is from 1983 batch.

News contributed by: Vivekananda Ch(1983)

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