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home Excerpts of Executive Committee Meeting held on 9th Dec 2017

Excerpts of Executive Committee Meeting held on 9th Dec 2017

Alumni News
by Site Admin - 1 year ago 874

 The executive committee meeting was held on 9th December 2017 and here are the excerpts ...

  • Family get together of Alumni will be held on 7th Jan, 2018 at Ananya Resort, Harina Vanasthali, Vanastalipuram, Hyderabad.
  • Admittance is on payment of Rs. 400 per head aprox. It may come down or waived off, provided we receive enough sponsorships from batches.
  • All the batch representatives are requested to mobilise minimum Rs. 20, 000 from each batch so that no admit fee is charged.
  • All the sponsorships to be communicated to treasurer (Vivekanand 83) by 31st Dec, 2017. Batch representative should take the active role in realisation of commitment
  • All the retired members during the last year will be felicitated. Batch reps of 74 to 76 may please convey the names and from which position he retired. Batch reps also requested to invite them for the get together and encourage them to become life member if they are not now.
  • Association would be posting the information in the social groups and request active role of batch representative to communicate the get together information to his batch mates
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