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home Dr. Srini Gangasani(82 batch) announces 20 lakhs to school

Dr. Srini Gangasani(82 batch) announces 20 lakhs to school

School News
by Admin - 1 year ago 385

Dr. Srini Gangasani(1982) announces Rs. 20 lakh to our school whcih was announced in our AGM. This would be given as scholorship to the needy students of Sarvail Residential School.

Dr. Srini is from 1982 batch of Sarvail. He attended Kurnool Medical College of University of Health Sciences. He won scholastic gold medals during medical school. He was awarded National Merit Scholarship from Government of India. Dr. Sreeni has many feathers in cap with impeccable academic qualifications, commendable medical experience and voluntary work and leadership qualities.He is Cardiovascular Specialist at Gwinnett Heart Specialists based in Atlanta, USA.

On behalf alumni and entire students appreciate his generocity!!

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