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home Burra Venkatesam receives outstanding citizens award

Burra Venkatesam receives outstanding citizens award

by Site Admin - 11 months ago 778

Hyderabad: Eminent personalities including Secretary, Telangana Department of Tourism, Burra Venkateshwam (Sarvail 1983 batch) received outstanding citizens awards, which were constituted by NRI Seva Foundation, from President, Pranab Mukherjee at Rashtrapathi Bhavan, New Delhi in a function held on Saturday.

Others who received the Foundation’s outstanding citizens awards included Ramesh Kumar Jasty, Dr. Sudha C. Guthikonda, Dr. Dasaratha Ramireddy and Ghanta Narahari.

Recently, the NRI SEVA Foundation organised its fifth anniversary celebrations, which brought representatives from various religions on one platform and was based on the theme ‘Humanity is main focus in every religion’.

The founder chairman of NRI SEVA Foundation, USA, Harish Kolasani said that the organisation was providing free physical therapy services to the needy across the country.


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