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home Alumni visit to Sarvail - review of SSC results

Alumni visit to Sarvail - review of SSC results

School News
by Site Admin - 1 year ago 1145

Alumni president along with Chenna Raja , Ramana Reddy, Badri Venu, Venu 90 and me visited the School today .
Apart from main agenda we had organised book release of poetry book written by Sri Shankerji of 80 batch. Secretary, AGO of TSREIS and DEE attended the meeting.

Association members had fruitful discussion with school principal and faculty regarding the last year class 10 results and how to improve this year. 9 new and young regular teachers were appointed this year after 1996. It was found all of them are toppers in academics and also toppers in selection in TSPSC. They are also enthousiast in acadamics and willing to strive to bring back the glory of our school. We had discussed about SMC menace with support of one of our alumnus and how to control it.

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