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home Aid to Pishika Venaknna (1989 batch) family

Aid to Pishika Venaknna (1989 batch) family

Help Sarvailians
by Site Admin - 1 year ago 967

As you all can recall, Alumni Association requested to contribute towards, Pishika Venaknna (1989 batch) family due to the sudden demise of Pishika Venkanna.

Thanks to Alumni members, who contributed generously, and the total amount collected was INR 2,14,617 (Two Lakhs Fourteen Thousand and Seventeen Rupees only). This amount was handed over to Pishika Laxmi, who is the wife of Late Pishika Venkanna.

The cheque was drawn by the Alumni Association. The cheque bearing no. 042163, dated 12th November 2018 was handed over to Pishika Laxmi on 11th November 2018 by our Alumni President Dr. Narendar Reddy in presence of 1989 batch mates.

Alumni Association thanks each Alumni member, who contributed towards this fund.

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