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home 2017 Telangana formation day awards to Dinakar Babu & Nethi Vidya Sagar

2017 Telangana formation day awards to Dinakar Babu & Nethi Vidya Sagar

by Jagadishwar B - 2 months ago 152

It is a proud moment for Sarvailians on the occation of two Sarvailians being honoured by CM in Telangana Formation Day 2017.

Mr. Dinakar Babu (74 batch) is the Vice Chirmans and MD of Sports Aithority of Telangana and he is also the director of Hakimpet Sports School. He has been honoured by CM for the achivement in developing Hakimpet Sports School.

Mr. Nethi Muralidhar (76 batch) has taken over as the first Managing Director of Telangana State Co-operative Apex Bank Ltd (TSCAB). He has been honoured as best employee award by CM.

We congrautulated both of them on this key achievement!!!

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