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Life Membership

Alumni News
by Admin - 20 years ago 2949

Life Members

Click here for the List of Life Members (this list will be opened in a new tab)

This list was last updated on 6-March-2016.


If you have any question or discrepancy about the Life Membership, please leave a comment below. You need to provide the following details to resolve the issue.

  • Your Full Name
  • Batch (SSC Passed-out Year)
  • Explain about the issue clearly
  • When did you pay the fee? (If you don’t remember the exact date, mention the Year)
  • Copy of Payment Receipt (If you have the copy of Receipt, scan it and email/WhatsApp to the Treasurer

The concerned Executive Committee Member will respond. If you don’t receive timely response, you may escalate the issue to the President.

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