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Bank Account

Alumni News
by Admin - 20 years ago 2572

Bank Account

Bank Name: Syndicate Bank, New Nallakunta, Hyderabad

A/C No:        30131010006174

A/C Name:   Alumni Association of Telangana State Residential School, Sarvail

IFSC Code:  SYNB0003013

After depositing/transferring the amount into the bank account, please inform the Treasurer and collect the receipt. Following details are required to prepare the receipt.

  • Name of the person
  • Batch (SSC Passed-out Year)
  • Amount Deposited
  • Purpose of Contribution
Inform Treasurer

As soon as the amount is deposited/transferred, please inform the treasurer by SMS and Email by providing the above-mentioned details. 

  • In the case of bank deposits, the despositor’s name is not captured in the account statement. Therefore, please make sure that the depositor name is entered by the bank officer.
  • When there are multiple deposits on a single day, and when the depositor name is not captured, it leads to confusion about who deposited that amount. Therefore, please inform the treasurer as soon as the amount is deposited to avoid such confusions.
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