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home Pulla Swami (82 batch) – Needs Support

Pulla Swami (82 batch) – Needs Support

Help Sarvailians
by Sukhender Reddy O - 3 years ago 4800

Pulla Swami (82 batch) – Needs Support

Organised by Sukhender Reddy O(1982)

Can anyone recognize the person in this photo?

This is Pulla Swamy from ’82 batch. He has some hereditary decease and 2 of his 3 kids also have been succumbed to it. To his misery he recently met with an accident and lost most part of his left foot. Third kid completed his Xth grade in 2015 and staying @ home helping his dad for medical treatment.

Another bad news is that he’s losing his eye sight and needs immediate surgery.

He is residing at Hanmakonda. Mr.Pramod (83) and Mr. N.Yugandhar (82) have visited him on 6-Jun-2016 and provided some temporary financial relief at the behest of SARVAILIANS NRI committee.

Mr.Pramod said that – “I Also met with Dr Nagarjun ’84 @ his hospital. He readily agreed to provide all the medical help needed for his eye surgery. I was so moved to see a fellow Sarvailian in such crippled state. I remember Pulla Swamy for his light comedy and his wall jumping  skills with a long stick (aka pole vault). Dr. Sukhender is driving a fund raise to help Pulla swamy the best way possible. If anyone is interested to help our fellow Sarvailian family lead a better life please reach out to Dr Sukhender ’82.”

Please to comment

Venugopal Badri (1989) 2 years ago

Pullaswamy came to Vanastalipuram for his Eye check up.  He was sent for scanning to Abids. Narsimham sir accompanied him. After the scan laser treatment will be started today for left which may help him to some extent. For Right eye prognosis is not good. After the scan report plan of action will be decided

Narender Reddy B (1979) 3 years ago

Pullaswamy is suffering from diabetic prolifeative Retinopathy (Advanced disease)

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